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Music (non-stop)


The Fountain (official motion picture soundtrack): Mogwai & Kronos Quartet – The cello is the most human of voices.  It’s low reverberations take many forms of human realities.  In fact it can mimic all moments of note in the average life span of man (or woman).  It is everything sensual.  It is everything spiritual.  It is wise, strong, and soothing.  The emotion of a life and into it’s death and the cosmic spiritual merging with the absolute of space and time is portrayed from the movie through this soundtrack.  It is, without a doubt, one of the most moving soundtracks I’ve ever heard.




Mercury Falling: Sting – Naturally, as my first Lit Review is my favorite book, so too should my first Music Review be my favorite album.  Mercury Falling is my Bon Jovi album.  It’s the one that I’ve felt several times is the sign post of my life.  The overall feel of the album is very self descriptive in it’s album sleeve, I believe.  The UK version of this album throws in the song “25 to Midnight”, which I like… but not in the album itself.  The highlights that keep the album on course are (the first song) “Hounds of Winter”, (track 2) “I Hung My Head” – featuring a great 9/8 tempo -, “I Was Brought to My Senses”, and the last three in this order – “La Belle Dame Sans Regrets”, “Valparaiso”, and “Mercury Falling”.  “Valparaiso” is, if anyone knows me, one of two songs I want played at my funeral.  The other is “Drift” by Marvin Ayres.  The latter is my favorite, followed only by decision with “Valparaiso”.  This album is not particularly bound by any season (as you’ll find I semi-rate my albums with the “all four seasons” (HA!  not intended) method).  However, it leans most heavily on Autumn, then Winter, Spring, and Summer least.



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