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Reading 33 1/3 “Another Green World”, a mini Brian Eno Biography & “Neuromancer” by Bill Gibson…



Read “Foundation” (trilogy) … review coming



Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal:  I finished this book sometime in July.  It was a rather quick read that I really enjoyed.  It was incredibly funny and full of hidden bible jokes and such.  The title is rather self explanatory.  It “covers” the lost years of Joshua of Nazareth (aka “Jesus”) as he travels the world searching for the three wise men with his best friend Biff.  There was nothing to dislike about this book at all and I am only not giving it the full five antlers because it lacks something that makes it completely memorable (which it hardly isn’t).




Einstein’s Dreams: Alan Lightman – Easily Lightman’s best work, he chronicles the (fictional) dreams of Albert Einstein during the time months before he discovers his theory of relativity.  As with almost all of Lightman’s books, he makes the Layman of science absolutely love and even understand some of the deep concepts of some of the more complicated and delicate sciences.  The master of prose makes this an easy to follow read and, considering the size of the book, it could be finished in no more than a week.  I feel that some sort of foundation for a future philosophy is being laid with this book and that it compares on many levels with Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.  The concepts of time and the connection with the essential threads of humanity represented in the book allow you to be opened to one of the most important reads of your life.





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