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21 November, 2009

I noticed that on the 14th of October of this year (see entry by finding your way through my archives on the right –>) I was one day away from this blogs one year anniversary.  It’s strange that I celebrated in a way that I didn’t think would have happened if I was presented with the idea.  I released my first Extended Play.  Strange.

I’ve finished the 331/3 “Another Green World” Brian Eno book.  It was… a little interesting.  Nothing too surprising though.  I’m still reading (very slowly) “Neuromancer” by Bill Gibson.  I have also started (which I really anticipate to move through) the “Pendragon Chronicles”.  It’s listed, I think, as a young adult book…. but not really.  It’s got quite a bit going on with it.  I first read almost all of it when I was about 15.  It was probably the fastest I’ve read a book to date.  It’s not a small book either.  Just well put together.  It’s a collection of short stories about King Arthur and the C Street Band featuring some of the best authors in the genre.  Joy Chant and Andre Norton are the only ones I can think of now.  But I remember that most of the names are mentionable.

I would also like to share this music video/song with you.  It is mind blowing and incredibly good.  Carl Sagan, who would have been … really old on the 9th of this month, was a rare master of combining science with reaching the human spirit and tying them together.  I haven’t seen all of the PBS miniseries he did “Cosmos”, but I plan to soon.  The several hours of video footage I’ve seen of him (and biographies read) is just… incredible.  How I’ve never really known about him until recently is beyond me.  I would put his ability right there with Alan Lightman, my favorite author (who also can combine human with science in a heart touching/mind blowing way).  Enjoy.  

Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was my brother’s birthday.  He’s officially half way to 50.  Happy birthday and enjoy Triple Balls, courtesy of your eldest sibling.



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