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8 October, 2009

New update and news in RE my release “Global EP” by The Lights Galaxia.  I am showing you the album front and back (before anyone else!) and will attach a song from it that can only be found here until midnight on Monday/Tuesday.  I will also include the little Facebook ad I did for the release party – which isn’t much.  I’ll include a link below to the Facebook page for the release party and for the actual TLG fan page.  Please click on the images to see the bigger versions.  Thanks!

The Lights Galaxia Facebook Release Party!

The Lights Galaxia Facebook Page!

The Last Lights in the City by Lights Galaxia

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  1. 26 October, 2009 9:12 am

    Dear Mr Snodgrass,

    I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing “Global” at Catching The Waves, my amateurish website dedicated to reviewing free netlabel and/or Creative Commons music. Thank you for the beautiful album. I hope you enjoy the review.

    Kind regards,

    Catching The Waves

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