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24 August, 2009

The following is my “Lights Galaxia” biography for  It is the most complete biography I’ll ever write for myself in third person again.*


Washington state based musician and lyricist Joseph Snodgrass has a rich history in music of all genres before launching his summer music project in 02009 entitled Lights Galaxia.  His sound dabbles in minimal and abstract ambient soundscapes, while it also is rich in electronic ambient music and is occasionally shaded with electric guitar.  One of the main ideals behind the music is keeping the “big here and the long now” in mind.  That is, the overall feel of the catalog should represent a “trans-ambience” of sorts.  The aether existing in time.
Snodgrass will be releasing his first EP entitled “Global” in late September of 02009 and his first full length album, tentatively titled “Urban”, in late fall 02009.  His lyric credits include the song Treasure by Amethystium (“Isabliss”) and his own track from “Urban”, Glass Life.  His overhead company is Luxus-Arctica International, which he has other music projects planned for.  He works out of his studio Studio Cassiopeia.

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