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17 August, 2009

Progress is going OK on the album, which is my only extra-curricular subject right now.  I’m currently trying to solidify my last two songs.  I work on them one at a time… so, even though I’ve left my third to the last one unfinished, I plan on coming back to it in between songs.  I will be releasing the Lights Galaxia EP under the title “Global”.  The overall album theme is likely going to be dealing with cities on a world scale. … The urbanization of the planet.  Largely the album is themed for ‘night’ music.  However, I will have the lingering theme of a woman in a sort of affair (though…  I wouldn’t say it IS an affair, just the scandalous relationship bit).  It’s a bit about the world around her… how it lives in collective consciousness with her.  The organism “city” is as alive as she is.  I attempt to reflect this a bit in the free release title “The Last Lights in the City”, which can be found at .  I hope you enjoy it.  Watch out for the “Global” EP at the end of september and the full album around the end of Fall 02009.

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