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8 July, 2009

Oh wow.

A lot of stuff has happened since I updated last. Several famous people have died. … I didn’t realize how attached I was to Michael Jackson. But I should have known. He was my first musical interest and my first hero. I remember my dad telling me that I should be my own person, as for months I’d been pretending to be like Michael Jackson. I was 12. My parents were divorced and a lot of things were changing constantly. I had no interest except for in this one thing. I wanted to be like Michael Jackson.
“Hey… you need to be who you want to be. You don’t need to copy anyone else.”
“I am.”, I said. “I want to be like Michael Jackson.”

I’ve been working on music a lot lately. I find it cathartic without being a total escape. Sadly, when I stay up to work on music at night until the late late hours, I rarely work on anything. Likely because I’m tired and cannot focus. This can’t become a habit.

Finally, I’d like to bid the fondest of farewell’s to my radio station. It is finally the time to end it’s broadcast. My partner at the station has been keeping it running without my help for a while. … Though I was hoping to get back into it one day, … Jourdan has come to the conclusion that he can no longer work with it. I think this should have happened a long long time ago. I feel like radio is a calling of mine. … but I don’t see a possible outlet for my passion in that regard. I’d rather not look back and say that LSr is of the definition of any golden years. In fact, it was always more work than I could handle. But it paid off. Even when we had no listeners, it paid off. To know that option is there for people, that I can bring music to people, is worth any work. So I want to discover the essence of moving on. I want to release this burden from my mind… and sacrifice my desires for the inevitable reality of time.

The now is long. The now is forever. There is no time, only the next experience. Don’t be sad, because the future is always better.

Good bye Lounging Sound.

{ listening to “Two Kinds of Silence” from 13, the free download singles compilation of Marconi Union }

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