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21 June, 2009

Happy Father’s Day!

I have acquired 5 classic wooden chairs for my porch, as well as a nice pair of clogs! (and blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and coffee).

I would like to briefly comment on people that are “ecologically friendly”. To be more specific as to their genotype, the snobby anti-anti-left wing, virtually foaming at the mouth activists that are pro everything that is politically correct.
I was recently visiting a blog whose primary focus is news in the green world. I’m interested in that milieu and certainly am pro being green. … I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be. A discussion was up about the movie 2012 and how world destruction and big effects made the movie crap. Much like Independence Day, the movie. They felt that big effects would draw in the crowds and essentially promote a movie with no story, etc…
What gets me the most is that people who are of that ecologically sound mind (or claim to be) are only using these particular ideals to bitch about everything else. You can’t truly be a promoter of a green and harmonious world and still be a whiner about EVERYTHING. Negativity and Positivity don’t work hand in hand. Below are my comments for the post:

In response to the comments until now;

if it gets people thinking about the reality of disaster (no matter if it’s artificial) – that is, if it get’s people thinking about the large scale world we live in… if people can think about our long now and future generations instead if even for the span of the movie… if people feel even a little bit like we’re united as one world (as the overall message of ID4 was)… than good for them. This movie has potential to inspire. … Who cares about eye-rolling crap and over the top effects? The world could use less negativity like that. Don’t be eco-aware and then be negative at the same time. Its our goal as aware people to be positive.

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