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15 June, 2009

I’ve added a new music review/entry in the “music (non-stop)” section.  What I’m posting below is the FULL version of the entry, which I encourage you to read.  My version inside the music section is much shortened.  I went off into a mode that I occasionally do.  … My secret love affair is with the Cello.  I never talk about it with anyone – but it remains one of the most important things in my life.  Reason being, I would be so shallow had I never heard it in the manner I have.  Maybe first it was Yo Yo Ma that got me into it. … he used to have a show on PBS that I’d watch as a teenager.  But… then I discovered Marvin Ayres, Martin Tillman, and other artists that just completely reached my inner being and drew me to something like nothing else ever had.  That said, you’d think I’d have picked one up by now…  but… maybe soon or one day at least.  Here is the full review (grab a tissue – you may need it):

The Fountain (official motion picture soundtrack): Mogwai & Kronos Quartet – The cello is the most human of voices.  It’s low reverberations take many forms of human realities.  In fact it can mimic all moments of note in the average life span of man (or woman).  It is everything sensual.  It is everything spiritual.  It is wise, strong, and soothing.

It is the moment of birth; the immense coalescence of emotion – a new life, a new history, an existing lineage…  The child’s first laugh, first steps.  The moments where you take pride in your son, or adore the beauty of your daughter.  The first step into adulthood as they are accepted into college.  You meet their future companion.  You watch them buy their first house.  …  You stand alone, in their old bedroom, remembering when you rocked them in the chair, when they grew too old for toys, when they chose the color of paint for their walls…  and now it’s an empty room with only that airplane lamp, the rocking chair, and the hardwood floor.  They grow and move into their own house.  They have their own children… again the soothing deep wood is there in the background, following you, quelling your fears and calming your joys.  You hold your new born granddaughter, you take them to the park, you watch them become young teenagers.  Now your days have grown shorter then when you reached middle age…  you have passed your rekindling of love with your spouse.  That time was brief… but even in those moments, when you both lay naked in bed like young lovers, you didn’t notice the grayed hair or the age in their eyes, because those four strings soothe you – the warm song of time emanating from the oak floors and the rich history of your house saturates you. … And then one day… you are alone.  Your spouse has passed and you sit in a chair looking out the window at some neighbor children playing, knowing you are soon to reach an end.  And yet you do not fear at all.  You are satisfied and know that life must pass on just as time passes on.  In the final moments, the music briefly ceases.  You are given your time of absolute peace that you’ve been looking for your entire life.  It is absolutely silent. . . . .

. . . then ever so gently, the bow brushes the metal and you smile.  Your eyes are open and the last breath passes from your nostrils.

The warmth of your body leaves you and fills the room.  The lush sound of blending organisms envelopes the foundations of the atmosphere.  The sun pours in and brightens the room to mingle and fuse with the song of a full life and then reaches it’s crescendo…  and suddenly, as the light dwindles, the final notes fade from the strings, and song of the cello is soaked into the wood.

{ listening to … well, duh. }

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