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9 June, 2009

In the early 90’s, when the internet was rapidly gaining speed as the “Information Highway”, it was hardly the resource people used to get information “out there”.  That is to say, to gain any sort of recognition for any idea or product, all other forms of media were still the format.

Today that has changed 180 degrees.  Now next to nothing (is there anything?) is new without first being on the interwebs.  It is entirely possible that the internet has formed into some sort of AI/Oracle for predicting the news before it happens, simply by the possibilities generated by billions of people worldwide and having them connected and constructed via tags, Google, Blogs, VLogs, Twitter, and the variety of social networking sites (admittedly I have no idea about or faith in that last statement – it just sounds like something some savvy news person would say).  In it’s final transition, CNN directly broadcasts live feeds of peoples thoughts about a news subject they themselves are probably guilty of creating.  What CNN has become, essentially, is the visual human interface of a blog.  A BLOG!  Have any of you looked at blogs?  If I were to do the research or have a study ready at my fingertips, I’m certain it would read that .0002% of blogs are actually interesting, let alone fundamentally grounded in fact and rational opinion.  And CNN has the balls to call it’s employees journalists!*

But, I must digress.  The real reason I bring this to the fore is because I think that print – the dying book/magazine/newspaper – have inadvertently become retrofit for the outlet of new great ideas and the real meat of news.  As the Whole Earth Catalog once did, access to tools will pop out from the paper (recycled! LOL) and influence the generations of the future.  Why?  Because, as it was in the beginning, the internet = information overload.  Everything is taken for granted now.  Great ideas are lost in the sea voices, much as they once were.  Only now there are more worthless voices… less work involved in a voice to speak…  and not enough people to (or who are even trying) to weed out the bad ideas for good ideas to be seen and grow.  This statement I firmly believe in:  few ideas about new technology should be considered ideas of worth at all.  Technology is growing off of itself with new ideas not needed.  What’s more, ideas arriving to the plate of companies globally are only regurgitated ideas from the past.  Cars that can fly.  The most optimal computer that is the tool for everything we ever need with the least amount of hardware.  Star Trekking.  Low calorie beer.  LOLZ.

The no bathe solution.  … Think hand sanitizer for the whole body – only as you put your clothes on.  Better yet – why bother with clothes?  How about jumpsuits that magically appear on us when we wake up?  Because lord knows we’ll never become a civilization of nudists.  We’ll opt for the pain of clothing and soap and bleach and hypoallergenics and, more than anything, FASHION before we just decide to give up and wear our birthday suits everywhere.  By that time we may have morphed into the A-Sexual beings from Solaria in “Foundation and Earth” (I. Asimov).

Finally – why sleep in the first place?  In the fast paced, all business, customizably impersonable, Blackberry (For fuck sake, I’m so sick of hearing that as an adjective for anything to do with “business”), start up company, slush fund, “name-a-gate”, 120 hour work weeks we live in – why bother with sleep?  We need medication that satisfies our bodies need for rest.  We need an ‘over the counter’ that simulates shut-eye for our brain, while still allowing us to keep at work… plugging away at emails and reports and multi-global expansion ideas.  … really.  REALLY???


So…  in short:  Great ideas are now lost in the internet.  Soon, however, they will be seen – the old fashioned way.  Paper.

Everyday at work I watch this girl, who clearly experiences challenges with her mental faculties, as she changes the background on her school computer account.  Each day is a new picture (of which she must have an unending wealth of) of two to a group of friends posing for a picture.  She is not present in a single one.  Most of these pictures are quite obviously taken by one of the girls in the picture.  Everyday I wonder if these pictures are made for her, as a friend that they must feel sorry for on some level.  Not that I don’t or wouldn’t…. Every girl looks just like the next – whether with dark hair or light, dress clothing or casual- they all look like they are a mix of maybe 3 models of a particular girl.  I see her look up at the picture regularly, sometimes smiling.  …  It seems clear to me that out of probably some hundred different friends she has featured (sometimes she changes the pictures multiple times per day – each looking exactly like the next), she desires only one to be her best friend. … And yet, because she is different, not one would likely offer it.

While the Big Here and the Long Now are of concern, while the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few or the one; an individual with emotion and their one mind – of any faculty – is still most important and of most consequence.  (Is this true?  This is phrased poorly.)

I want to know two things though:  How does she get the pictures to show so clearly at such a large size?  And where in GOD’S NAME do they come from?!

*I would like to state that The Daily Show with John Stewart (02009Jun8) is responsible for admitting to that last quip before I did.  That said, I’ve felt this way about CNN for a long time.  Now, with that said, obviously you’re reading a blog (which makes me hypocritical on some level) and I watch CNN regularly (which makes me even more hypocritical).

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