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8 June, 2009

I’ve updated teh “About” page and renamed it to “About 20” – which you’ll understand if you read it.  ALSO, updated with my first music review in the “Music (non-stop)” section.

Recently I was contacted by a website called “GAIAPOD”, welcoming me to the community of … websites with similar names… … though I appreciate it and am showing no disrespect to them intentionally, I have chosen to change my blog title to my publishing company name. I’ve used “Oak and Stag” as my publishing name for about a year, and figured it can find a more noticeable home (than in a school paper and in my notebooks at home) here at my blog. This, then, would probably be “version 4” of my blog (as the first two were “Possible Stimulus” and “SNDTRKS”, then “GAIApod”). I knew that stupid name was just a fad anyway.

I must also comment on the logo. It’s only about 50% mine. I borrowed … or … stole, the template from some other company. I don’t remember what it was, because it’s been a while since I’d taken it and cleaned it off. I can say I know it was a restaurant with the word “Stag” in the title. … which is how I stumbled across it. Thanks “Stag” restaurant! If, for whatever reason, this is a problem for anyone, let me know and I’ll remove the logo. I’ve a total of 706 hits on my blog currently and I can’t imagine why anyone would write me about it anyway.

Finally, I’d like to say that Twitter is one of the most worthless ideas ever and that the new iPhone looks exactly the same. This is excellent as it can finally be seen as a tool instead of some cool cell phone that everyone must have (vs. the ALSO over rated BlackBerry). As most of you know (who is you?), I greatly despise Apple products, but am pro iPhone as the first of it’s kind. … unfortunately, if you read my previous post, you’ll see that Apple will barely be alive in 10-15 years anyway…

{ listening to Boards of Canada – Smokes Quantity (from “Twoism” }

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