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19 May, 2009

Ok, ok. So I’ve post dated this.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the Illuminati*. The story of a secret society that’s been around from (various) historical ages of civilization is absolutely brilliant. … Really, who’s to say that some version of the Illuminati isn’t true? Obviously there’s no proof, which not only defines a secret society, but feeds the myth down through generations. Really this makes it no different from religion. Everyone believes that some religion is likely not the right one. Pick one. Satanism/devil worship (among the most likely), Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, and so on. It’s all about whose side you’re on. The Illuminati are just the same idea with a slightly different background.

The history of the Illuminati is that they were a secret society (maybe based on another society of the past) from enlightenment era thoughts. I highly encourage all to look to the Age of Enlightenment in their history books (or… Wikipedia, which makes the history a very complicated read) as it’s really an existing mental state of people today. The “philosophy” is about reality, essentially. It’s about science, not doctrine; about tangible truths, not faith; about nature, not a god. In a lot of ways The Age of Enlightenment was about “If I can see it, I believe it”… even though some of the “seeing” was exactly about things you couldn’t see. In my view it emphasizes how God(s) was created by the mind of man to protect it – keep it in a memory shell – and how man will break that concrete shell to discover the true “beyond”.

In any case, the point of this article is actually to say one thing: the only people that fear an Illuminati (or any power they don’t understand that may be controlling them beyond their will ((Like God(s)!)) that is against what they believe) (*breath) are, in fact, God(s) (or similar) fearing people. … I know, I sort of doubled over in the definition. But that’s my point. Really, and this isn’t just Western thought talking, I’m most inclined to say that a Christian would be afraid of the secret society royale (if you will).

*If I’m famous one day, these words will likely be used to connect me to the famous conspirators.

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