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19 May, 2009

I’ve added two new pages for Literature and Music. I’ve not done anything with the music part yet, but I have updated with the first book review. The idea behind my book reviews are not just posting reviews of books I’ve read, but of books that are quintessential to the ideals at of GAIApod. The books still have a rating system (numbers without icons right now – I’d like to make something like “bones” or “stars” or “robot bolos”). Doubtful any book will be below a 3 of 5, as I’d likely have to find the book at least that good to be essential to my ideas.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve a page for any writing that I do outside of the blog.  There are only three things there now, but I plan to have much more as time allows. Oak and Stag ( is the website.  Hopefully Artician will continue to grow and perhaps allow a few other options including music and such.  To be sure, there are other places that have the same purpose, but for whatever reason I didn’t like them and latched on to this one.  Enjoy.

{09:50 | listening to Solar Fields “Mirror’s Edge” soundtrack}

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