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14 May, 2009

I was just wondering (and thought it was perfect for a small post) what the best format for date writing is. Obviously, being a Long Now member, I write the years date in 10,000 year format: 02009. I wonder how many X board members at least write the date that way in day to day life. However, for cataloging, especially with 10k years in mind, it seems that in the order of noting dates, you’d want to put the year, 02009, first – before the month and day.  Now, Euro style says day then month. In the fashion of the American way, it’s month then day. However, it seems to me you’d want it from largest to smallest portion and from left to right (as it’s read in most languages). This brings us to 02009/5/14. However, to keep with uniformity, I think it’s best to either stick to double digit months (02009/05/14) or my preferred style of first three of the month (lucky for May!). Attached to that idea I’d like to emphasize the need for no extra characters outside of the alpha-numeric language. This brings us to 02009May14. With this we can clearly distinguish the month from the day and year – and it’s best for cataloging, I think.  I will attempt to use this from now on in order to stand by what I preach.

Another note: I recently had the idea that some women may not fully understand the man’s feelings on her body. I would like to note, before continuing, that this is not a personally based reality – but merely came to me out of boredom and imagination. None the less, I think this is true. When a man sees a woman’s nakedness, he can easily (more for some than others… even most) separate his sexual desires from his desire for beauty.
When a woman is contrasted by a waterfall, say, or an element of nature such as the earth, a tree/wood, or stone… The reality exists where the man is not aroused by the woman’s nakedness – but clearly sees it as something spiritual, pure, even a part of nature itself. The softness and perfect proportion of a woman’s body is ideally contrasted by the grains, coarseness, and rustic hardness of the Earth. Too, it is supported in a similar vain by the fluidity of water, the softness of spring leaves. These are completely separate from the same purity and softness of the white sheets and down of the bed, the familiarity of human surroundings and interactions.

Where else can this be connected?

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