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1 May, 2009

Intel’s Ultra Mobile

I think if you follow that link you will be pleasantly surprised with some very cool future technology.  I mean, the Ultra Mobile exists already – but it furthers my thought that iPhones and the concept piece “Pink” from Microsoft (Verizon as the carrier) will eventually be THE module we carry.  The keys to our house and car, our computers, our credit cards (see MS’ future vision commercials on YouTube), … everything.  I love the idea of the “silent” rave (everyone can hear it via headphones).  Though, and not to get too off the subject, it will never out-do open air music.  However, to attend a live concert from anywhere in the world, this would be a great option.
I’m sort of skipping ahead of myself (as I often do – thinking faster than I can type); but what I’m most interested in is getting beyond the 3rd World reef.  …  What world are we living in where poverty is non-exist?  Where is the future of everyone being able to afford  technology like this at one time?  If this sort of stuff came to be – it wouldn’t be affordable to everyone at all.  In fact, in comparing this to other technologies of the past – technologies now become obsolete to even the 3rd World before they become affordable.  At best the level would be that you could give the technology away and it would still be  useful… but this isn’t the case.  I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about this though.  What are the cases where the technology can be given away and still used for decades to benefits of civilizations?  Is it better to build everything like the Clock of the Long Now – making it universal and ultimately useful forever?

I love futures of movies like “Minority Report”, “The Fifth Element”, and even the gloomy “Blade Runner”.  But is the future of a world like “MYST”, with it’s hardware and somewhat organically based technology the best idea of possible futures?  Is there ever a possibility where society would allow it (outside of being forced to take on the reality via war)?

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