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29 April, 2009

I’m watching “The Day the Earth Stood Still” right now.  The new one with Keanu Reeves.  Everyone told me not to see it.  I think I have a reasonable expectation of what it’s going to be like.  The old one was great.  … by no means was it a thriller by today’s standards.  But in it’s time I think it was, in fact, a thriller.

My main thing is trying to understand the connection to successful, intelligent people and Apple.  …that said, the connection with Apple and the Beatles.  Furthermore, why all Apple commercials play the same music (type).   ….  Maybe I’ll be brief.  I have next to no battery life left.  …  Most or all of my favorite minds and musicians use Macs.  From my use of Mac I’ve only found them to be the computer for the non computer user.  Maybe the point is, in this respect, that it’s less about the computer and more about the knowledge?  Even so – why do all smart people like The Beatles?  To be continued…

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