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20 April, 2009

I currently have drafts for two posts that I’ve started and gotten into some good detail about, but have not finished.  I’m going to throw out a few links and then cram a smaller backlogged entry into here.  I think that’s all I’ll do.

Stewart Brand article “On the Waterfront” from NY Times

Artificial Owl – the guide to the remnants of man (MUST SEE)

– I spent three days slowly looking up the sources for the images and informations on almost all the locations in question.  …  I remember virtually nothing from them though.  I mostly like the pictures.  … Both of these came from the last two entries of the X blog.. …  and just when I was thinking I wasn’t spending enough time there!

I would also like to note that I’m giving up Facebook for all but 15 minutes a week (at the most!).  … The first week (last week) I was successful in it, spending less than 10 minutes on FB total.  Also, due to a dream I had this last Friday night, I’ve given up pipe smoking.  I really really liked it.  I loved the taste of the tobacco.  It was like … coffee 2.0.  … I’m certain it wasn’t a nicotine addiction.  .. Really… I’m not in denial or anything.  I’ve been smoking for 9 months, I think.  Slowly I made the transition from not inhaling (which, was disgusting really) to inhaling (which, in turn, tasted much better).  I wasted enough money on pipes and tobacco and such.  But it really came down to the 4AM recognition (while being awake) that I had no thought of giving smoking up and that I couldn’t imagine not having a pipe that day or every day to follow.

Finally – the concise version of a backlogged post:

The Spice must flow.

I’ve begun to equivicate “the Spice” of Tacoma native Frank Herbert’s imaginary desert world of Dune to the popular (and so far legal) energy booster “5 Hour”.  5 Hour is advertised as ‘not really a drink… but more of a sip’.

After throwing down a large amount of Niacin and an even larger amount of B6 (2000%) and then an even larger amount of B 12 (8333%) and then some sodium (8mg/1% (lolz))… you feel like you could lift up a building and then slowly pick the bricks off of it and eat them, much like you would cotton candy.  No crash afterwards.  More focus, for sure.  But most importantly, the energy lasts.  All 5 hours if you drink the whole thing.  In fact, I once told my brother to buy one and then buy about 4 boxes of condoms.  … “Trust me, you’ll use them.”

It’s really everything it’s advertised to be (knock on wood).  What I’ve found through research though is that if you are an active person naturally (athlete, say), it will probably not work on you at all.  In fact, I’ve read reports of athletes actually feeling sluggish from it.  … Thus, this drink is for lazy fat asses overweight people like myself.  That said… I would like to state that I’m only 10 pounds overweight and people often comment with the inference of “You’d never know.”  (YES, I’M THAT AWESOME).


In conclusion, as 5  hours are much like “the Spice” of Arrakis, my eyes are not yet blue within blue and I’ve still not seen Patrick Stewart, Max von Sydow, (Yakima, WA native) Kyle Maclachlan, my man Jurgen, or rainforest proponent Gordon Mathew Thomas Sumner (AKA ‘no one calls me that’) (b. 1951 , d. whenever he started doing collabs with the “Black Eyed Peas”).

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  1. 20 April, 2009 2:32 pm

    Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

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