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24 March, 2009

I took two finals today in school. I don’t really care right now how they went, to be honest.

I do want to talk about movies that should or even are going to be made. This will also be the “Bloggiest” post I’ve ever done, I think.

1. Silmarillion
This seems like an obvious choice for any Lord of the Rings fan. The Hobbit is fine and great – but a children’s story at best. Silmarillion could be presented as a series of interweaving short stories that come together and meet at times. … Really, presented as what they are. It would be a complicated adaptation – but what are they paying these people that DO adapt movies for? Better than a trilogy (which is the basis of the last idea), is a series of 5+ movies that, as the stories are, are good stories in themselves and do not need the others. This would allow the major stories at least to presented. The beginnings that involve the “beginning” of time in the books, could be presented as LotR has presented Silmarillion background stuff (Isildur, early Gollum, the War with Sauron). I have no cast chosen, but welcome thoughts.

2. Masters of the Universe
I LOVED the Dolph Lundgren edition when I was a kid. It was NOTHING like Masters of the Universe except the names and the portrayal of Skeletor and… Man at Arms. I would really really like to see Dolph come back. Maybe a cameo as an older He-Man. I’m also interested in a distant sequel – where Dolph/He-Man comes out of hiding in a way and the real story of Eternia unfolds. The following preview is a great fan made one for an original story (ie; original He-Man lore).

The best and most original story that needs to be made a movie, in my opinion. I have few words in regards Cyan Worlds. I think, utilizing the books & game stories, that you’re looking at the next Harry Potter quality series. Something that appeals to old and young alike – but has that story drive almost specifically for kids and young teens. Between 6-10 years ago there was a word that SciFi (channel) was in talks of making the movie. Thank god. What a waste, what with the worlds worst ever CGI.

4. Foundation

Isaac Asimov's masterpiece.

Isaac Asimov's masterpiece.

This should be the biggest of them all. Though, if ever made/released, it won’t be. In fact, it will probably be the least of them all. If you’ve read the Foundation novels, you understand that you’re looking at maybe the most important and best story in scifi history. Unfortunately it’s the hardest adaptation you’re ever going to find. It needs to be EPIC, but balanced – not action packed. Thinking about a cast….

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