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25 February, 2009

Update!: I’ve reworded the first line. I don’t think this has anything to do with the usage of the word “tits”… but more to show how I would normally go through the editing process. I use (usually) quotations for words/phrases I may want to amend. Bosom connotes the same meaning (in colors too) to me. … Of course, some can say that bosom and tits are the same thing, but to a man of words and colors, it certainly is more than that.

This is the first in a series of free verse based on color relations. I’ve recently found out (through a society of Synesthetics) that I do have synesthesia. I’ve known about synesthesia for a while, and only thought at best that I could relate to it. It was my understanding that a synesthetic visibly perceives colors upon contact with writing, music, other senses (in brief). Apparently, as is the case with me, it does not have to be explicitly visible. It can be “seen” in the minds eye. That is, I relate colors to numbers, words, letters, music (if associated with words – though not needing to contain lyrics), and… that may be it actually for me. … In any case, this instance of synesthesia is called “Association”. Thus, I am an “Associater”.

So this series is entitled “Synesthetic Studies one”. This piece is entitled “Dandelion”. It may not make a lot of sense in overall scope. But the words are associated to others to me… thus making perfect sense.


“tits” are pale with yellow
The bosom is pale yellow
like dandelions for Mary
or maybe a spring and early summer
when sun reflects of wheat in a green valley
(not like California)
where the overcast
appropriately “weds” the fresh cool air
to the May
and it’s florals and botanicals
living near the ground.

“Little bird! Little bird!?” she shouts
from a window propped open by a stick.

“Refractions” from puddles
are bright and warm upon my face.
Hers, lightly scattered freckles
and golden, delicate hair
that just turns red
like the leaves of Fall.

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