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2 February, 2009

NOTE: It appears that the widget will not work for me as I do not have a version of WordPress that I can access from my desktop… or something like that. I’m not very technical.

I’m testing the following widget out from  This should show the music I’ve recently played.  I may switch to the option for weekly faves instead.  I haven’t decided yet.

This does make me think though, … actually about something I’ve talked about before in which I used the examples of The Endless Forest and Second Life.  Everything any more is about customization, personalization, and the facade of something worth while.  Really, just like this widget at the bottom, the information possibly contained is relatively worthless.  By attempting to individualize everything or making everything unique, we are, in fact, diluting any real value and compromising real originality.  I can attest to the fact that people attempt to be so unique/quirky/trendily awkward, that they actually will identify with the obviously absurd.  Be it apparel, media, or even so-called “ideals”, they sacrifice any positive self representation for the current accepted version of “individuality” and “originality”.  … If this was a problem with just the youth… I wouldn’t waste my time talking about it.  Unfortunately it’s become caught on a multi-generational platform.

One day we’ll all wear shiny silver v-neck jump suits and each and every one of us will finally have found our individuality.

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