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28 January, 2009


I tend to veer from the idea that I’m obsessed with something.  However, when it’s no risk like this blog, I tend to go with a new idea.  It’s fresh, it’s different from what I would normally do (that is, outside my immediate comfort zone)… so, why not?  Thus, GAIApods is the blending of my two blogs “Possible Stimulus” and “SNDTRKS”.  Both of these, as you will read below in my brief earlier post, were just broadcasting the same informations.  So, I cut away the excess and fine tuned the remainder.

The name/term Gaia (pronounce Gay-uh) has to do with the Earth, origin, birth/new, fresh, colorful…  in Greek mythology, Gaia was the mother of all gods, including Zeus.  The name is now used to connote a self-sustaining planet.  This may not be the best description, but, for example, the “Gaia Theory” says that the Earth is an organism which, through it’s various processes, takes care of itself.  The philosophy is a concept that living organisms on a planet will affect the nature of their environment in order to make the environment more suitable for life.  This set of  theories holds that all organisms on an extraterrestrial life giving planet regulate the  biosphere to the benefit of the whole. The Gaia concept draws a connection between the survivability of a species, (hence its evolutionary course) and its usefulness to the survival of other species.

My term “GAIApods” attempts to be self explanatory.  Little trinkets/blog postings of possible stimulus which tries to be it’s own self-sustaining organism.  Of note is that it does not, necessarily, have to do with some sort of Earth/green movement.  Though some posts about such are bound to come up.

Also of note is that I just copied some of what I said about Gaia from Wikipedia.  … But I swear I knew what it was before hand.

FIRST POST: The word that is currently in my biosphere is “Gaia”.  More or less, it has engulfed me.  It’s causing me to think, not just with a more Earth & growth centered frame of mind, but in a clean,  unsullied futuristic/sci-fi way.  All of these are things I really really like having as a part of me.  I think it’s something I’ll be expanding on when I get the chance.  … But if you have the chance, look up Gaia by definition.  Then look at things like the “Gaia Theory” and so on that use the theme of growth and life in a variety of ways.

Also, what I’m about to do is close down my old blog that was part of LS.r (Lounging and converge the ideas I might have put there into this (which is essentially what I’ve been doing anyways).  So, this blog’s name will change a bit…  … to what exactly, I’ve not yet decided.  Probably just a blending straight of the two names.

Ok bye.

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