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21 January, 2009

I can’t believe I found this. This is, without a doubt, the most amazing duet in the best possible piece ever. … I can’t even begin to stress how important this version (the album version) of this song is to own in your own personal collection. This has been in my top five tracks for over about 5 years now, since I first heard it. … I would say with a good certainty that this is tied for my #1 vocal track EVER.

That is the video to a live performance. … That’s… the part I can’t believe I found. I stumbled upon it actually. I’ve been looking for it forever. Anyways, watch it and turn the volume up as high as possible. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT THE SONG WITH THIS POST. Thanks.

Oh, and it’s Bryn Terfel with Andrea Bocelli presenting “The Pearl Fishers Duet (Au fond du temple saint)”. You can find this on Bryn Terfel’s album “Bryn Terfel Sings Favorites”.

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