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8 January, 2009

Current brain age: 30.
I’ve thrown SNDTRKS up on my personal webpage/info page on Blackboard, this program we use for school.  I look forward to scrutiny.

I’ve received a copy of Paul Mullin’s play “The Ten Thousand Things” from… um… Paul Mullin.  It’s overall concept is, naturally, fantastic.  I say this because it’s origin is the Long Now Foundation’s ideals, specifically the Clock of the Long Now.  After that it’s sort of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi in it’s premis.  It’s based around a small amount of people living in three realities: the present, six thousand years from now, and never.

The Ten Thousand Things

The Ten Thousand Things

Skipping the story and the dialogue (which is the only short coming of mention), a key factor in this work is that every night the play is shown, a single word is changed in the story.  This makes the production both organic in it’s structure and achieves (if in this alone) the goal of long-term thinking and change.  A small bit changes now, but over weeks, months, years, it’s a completely different piece of work virtually all by itself.  In fact, the copy of the script I received was entitled “tick 19” which (I assume) is a “counting” title, as every performance is a different version.

Anyways, if you have a chance to see it, I highly encourage you do so.

{ it’s 9:31AM and I’m listening to “Like a Pen” by The Knife }

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