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3 January, 2009

I just wanted to comment on how I’m now a member of Second Life for a, uh…  indefinite amount of time.  I’m not sure I like it enough to bother with it is what my trouble is.  So I created an avatar that I’m comfortable with.  I’ve learned some of the basics and/or know what the basics and ideas are.  I’ve listened to talks and read articles on what it’s capable of.  I’m just not certain it’s for me.   I’m not a member of some sex orgy group as they’ve shown on Special Victims Unit (the most tired of Law & Order bits).  I’m not going to use it for mega-corporation conference purposes.  I would be interested in anything to do with the Long Now Foundation or Brian Eno (77 Million Paintings, for example).  But that’s really it.  It seems like a lot of fuss.

It does allow me to see from a slightly different angle the truth behind mankind anymore.  That truth lies in Customizable Avatars.  The individual wants to be someone else and makes no reservations about withholding that information.  It is an admittance that they are unhappy with who they are.  … and their shallowness, I think.  Though it’s not soley on the shoulders of the consumer.  The creator appears to have nothing immediately satisfying outside of an avatar.  However, that being said, I do know that Second Life is a great tool for many things.  People never look that deep though.  I recommend Wiki’ing Second Life and it’s creator and looking into it’s positives.

That’s all.  My friend Kris want’s to read this blog now.

Her brain age is 80.

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