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31 December, 2008

Well, the holidays are almost over.  School starts back up Monday (5jan02009).  A whole year before Christmas comes again.  …  Christmas is the best holiday ever.  …  Not just because of presents either.  You have snow and, ideally (in a better time), you’d spend all day inside.  Sure there may be work around the holiday’s in the snow, but cities used to be better.  Before my time…  before, sadly, most of our times.  Pre-second World War….  I’m spit balling this, but I’m certain about the idea behind it.  – Anyways, people were at one time able to walk to work because it was a reasonable distance away from their abode.  Now the majority of the population likely spend more than a half hour in the getting to work process.  Maybe it took that long walking too… I don’t really know.  … It’s no wonder old people hate the fast times that we live in now.  It’s no wonder a lot of them abhore technology.  So I pose the question:  Has the quality of life improved?  … Or has it increased??

I think most people would agree with both.  But I feel that you can’t have one and the other be true.  Because if it has increased, than it’s matched by it’s evil.  This makes the overall quality nominal, doesn’t it?  Then the measuring of quality starts from the matching of quality quantity and life quantity.  This is something to think about for the new year.  Which I hope, for your sake, is a happy one.

… to be continued.

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