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10 December, 2008

One of the major faults with Christianity is the superiority complex that Christians have. They feel, no matter how much they deny it, that they have the answer. That they’re friends with The God. They feel that they are more righteous than the majority of the people in the world. This they can’t escape either. Because as long as they believe with their whole heart in God and Christ, they believe that they know the “Truth”. The more strict the laws of the Bible are to them and their selected sect of Christianity, the more “superior” they are. The strongest in a Christian sect are the ones that “witness” the most.* I mean, really… think about it. If you’re a Christian reading this, you feel I’m wrong and that what you believe is the answer (or similar). As immediately as you deny it, you admit it.

What I think is um… funny, is the confidence that Christians show in numbers. You take one Christian alone and they must be prodded (whether by their inner-self or by the actions of someone they see, etc.) to advertise what they believe. Two Christians of considerable “strength” will freely converse about how, ahem, “awesome” God is. Indeed, the idea of God is awesome.

More later.

*I’m not using any particular Christian religion as a mental character.

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