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1 December, 2008

Thanksgiving was good.  Tiring, as all holidays are, but good.  It’s time to develop an outline for the end of the year so nothing gets lost along the way.  … Also, “Channel of the Apes” was an excellent idea.   The original five Planet of the Apes movies all in a row one after the other all weekend on … Fox Movie Channel (I think it was).  Somehow I missed the majority of the last two.  Oh well.  Great idea’s for movies, I think.  Could have been done waaaay better in the remakes with an upgraded and deeper story.

NOTE:  Jazz is possibly the most boring thing in the world to study.  …  … So boring that I just fell asleep a little in class.  I wish there wasn’t such a strong emphasis on the music of that genre (inc. Blues and surrounding genres) in the Inland Northwest.  … I’ll be back.

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