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18 November, 2008

It’s 12:36AM and I need to take a break from my homework.  What was seemingly easy and short became slightly more compicated and longer.  However, I’m smoking my second pipe and relaxing a bit… and got to thinking that you, as a reader, would be the first to know my official pen name for any writing I do.  I needed one for my English paper I’m working on as I’m quoting some of my own writing and couldn’t use “Anonymous”.  Also, I needed to come up with a fake Ltd which will now be my… well, real Ltd for anything I may do.  The pen name is my great grandfathers, J.L. Ehrler (Joseph Leonhardt).  The Ltd name is going to be “The Old Oak and Stag”.  I put practically no thought into them and (as often when this sort of thing happens) I’m quite satisfied.  My GG’s name was …  sort of just the name of a family member I would most like to converse with (non-immediate) and I was looking at a picture of an oak tree and thinking about Harry Potter’s animal personality.  … there you have it.

Now I’m going to pour some Grand and think more about math.

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