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14 November, 2008

I tell you…  I’ve been insanely addicted to Yahoo! Answers lately.  In fact, several times when I had a few moments to update this blog (which was my plan at said moments), I instead used the time to answer some incredibly stupid questions. 

Some of the following question/answers took place (where I was answering):


Q:  Was Jesus vegan…..?  Of course it’s the healthiest diet to be on. So if there was a Jesus, why wouldn’t he be vegan?


A:  Jesus (Garcia) is my gardener & nutritionist. He is a vegetarian that eats fish (I’ve argued several times with him as to the validity of being a vegetarian and eating meat…) and gelatin in raw form. *heavy sigh

He prefers not to be thought of in the same class as vegans or raw foodists.



Q: Charles Barkley just challenged Al Gore & me to take on him & Barney in a basketball game. What should I do?


A:  Barney the dinosaur? I’d watch out for him. He’s all about the inside game. Neither of them are perimeter players – so that’s where your best chance would be. … Both are old and slow (Barkley is an antique), so you should be able to drive on them pretty easily if you keep them outside the box. Whatever you do, DON’T set a pick on Barney. He will run your *** over like it was yesterday’s leftovers. … Whatever that means.



Q:  How Do I Fix the Yellow Light OF Death On the PS3?  I watched a youtube vid where the guy replaced his power modual thing, so i bought one on ebay for $60 and it still doesnt work. i need a no BS answer, cause i’m not sending it in to Sony, and paying them $150 to fix it. i’ve already called, and thats what there going to charge me to even look at it. i’d rather buy a 360.

if its any help, i bought it in Dec of 06, and its a 60 gig.

any help, links, or pics would be awesome.



A:  Duct Tape.



Q:  Can you read peoples minds?  Like psychicly?


A:  I knew you were going to ask that.


 –>I hope from this you can understand why it’s so addictive.  …  Believe it or not I actually do a little research for some questions. 

That is all.  Class dismissed.


{ 8:22AM & I’m listening to a friends half of a composition which I’m going to do some words to (apparently…) }

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