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10 November, 2008

In between a quick break from my math homework…

…. I currently don’t have anything to say.  I’ve just finished the no brainer math.  Now I have to do the brainer stuff.  … Hmph.

Adam (my brother) and I have recently taken up hobby smoking.  We’re only doing it with huge gaps (weeks, months… ) in between so we don’t become addicted.  I’m not sure how wise any of this is under any light, but… it was sort of an on the spot decision.  Neither of us like the taste that much anyway.  We only inhale a little bit too.  … Oh… look at me…. coming up with excuses.  Swisher Sweets, Cloves, moving into cigars maybe.  … I always thought I’d smoke a pipe one day when I was … a bit like an old grandfather – sitting in my rocking chair, with a blanket, book, nice warm fire.  … Hardwood floors.

{ It’s 11:53AM and I recommend How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand (the book or the BBC tv series from the 0’90’s!) }

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