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30 October, 2008

I recently received “The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at M. I. T.” by one Stewart Brand.  I got it for a penny on  …  I knew what it was when I bought it, but it didn’t really hit me until I opened the package.  …  It’s really really difficult getting into books about the future of technology when they’ve been written in the 80’s.  …  60’s or before I’m ok with.  But the 80’s… ugh.  It’s all about creating fashionable (in that scientific sense) technology using ugly 80’s computers.  I don’t know why – early computers fascinate me.  …  new computers fascinate me…  but that early “into the 90’s!” era…  *brup.  …  ….  ……  I realize this may not be the most intelligent discussion in a blog ever.  … and god knows I love you Stewart…

I don’t remember the login for my Flickr account on the side there.  …  –> 

I’ll try and get a new account or something.  I have this idea that I’ll tease with a new photo in my header – and then I’ll post it on the side.  …  Watch out for the occasional unclothed bird.


{ 8:28AM and listening to Sting – The Soul Cages “Trapped in the cage of a skeleton ship all the workmen suspended like flys/ caught in the flare of acetylin light, the working man works til the industry dies” }

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