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22 October, 2008

Ok.  Ok.

This is my final version of my English paper.  This is for realzies as I’ve turned it in to be graded.  …  I would never have gone back from my original version except for the fact that I want/need a good grade.

Notes on a Liberal Elitist 

      I hate you.  I severely despise you.  You are an idiot.  You are not very bright.  You and I, we just don’t jive.  I’ll take your thought into consideration. . . . The preceding statements represent the gradual progression from what I feel to what I project.  Indeed, I live with two realities.  In the novel Inside Out, Zachery Wahstead also lives with two realities; two projections of himself.  One reality is normal and can blend in with the everyday person.  The other, a projection of his schizophrenia, is a “crazy” side.  I am a “Liberal” Elitist, and in the following I will point out a few of the common differences between me, the definitive Elitist, and everyone else, and just how I live with two realities. 

      The literal definition of an Elitist is far too rigid and narrow minded.  I would refer to myself as a more modern and relaxed elitist.  In fact, a true elitist is rare to come by anymore.  The most common elitists are as I am; the “bourgeois” of the pack.  In fact, it is in this middle class where the most humane of us reside.  We are modest about our ways.  We know each other when we meet in passing or even make eye to eye contact while fumbling over certified organic fruit in the supermarket.  We would be considered as intellectuals, people of good taste, people who take interest in politics as a lighter hobby, people who understand other people by stereotypes that we ourselves have created.  We listen to NPR, we drive Volkswagens and Subarus by preference and only own another car by circumstance or a move into the green age that we’re responsible for advancing.  We listen to jazz and Debussy but not under compulsion.  We have the whole earth in mind, but only our mind of the Whole Earth. 

      I believe I am a liberal elitist because I’m at odds with mainstream ideas.  The followers of these ideas are lacking original worthwhile ideas of their own.  These are the non-elitists.  They are the slaves to media.  They would wear completely ridiculous and garish clothing in imitation of the frequently changing celebrity who most certainly is involved in some sort of scandal.  They believe in the dollar they cannot hold on to because cigarettes cost so much, because rent is an endless pit to throw money into, and because McDonalds is their only nutrition.  They have unquestioning faith in God, frivolous unprotected sex, tailgating, NASCAR, and Bling.  They don’t know each other in passing, because they’re unaware of anyone but themselves and any time but the present. 

      Then there is the small band of high-brow non-elitists; undergraduates of extreme Liberal Elitism, if you will.  These are not classified with the rednecks, et al.  They are the leaders of the non-elitists.  An perfect example of their ideals is found in that which passes as literature.  It is here, I believe, where the finest of differences lie between us and them.  Akin to the simple ‘touching of the heart’ country music, the best seller novel is the fundamental base of any intellectualism among them.  No, I don’t mean the Tom Clancy, military hardware, “shoot first, ask questions later” “Joe” McCain’s out there.  I certainly don’t mean the Bible clutching, Lord fearin’ Left Behind’s either.  No, No.  I’m most definitely referring to the “trade paperback turned Hollywood blockbuster” literates.  Only they have reached the unpatrolled borders of Elitism through the heart warming, tear jerking stories of Nicholas Sparks or Evans.  White Oleander, Where the Heart Is, or even The Poisonwood Bible is in Oprah’s Book Club and was quickly correlated with the bright red “Price Reduced!” sticker at WalMart.  I tell you they will never gain true insight into advanced ideals or see into the deep basin of emotional waters through a best selling novel. 

      It reaches the very fibers of my bones, and I ache to know that you really will not understand this.  But not to fear, you’ll never know that I really despise you.  You can’t see through the reassuring smile on my face.  If you do understand, then secretly you agree with me.  You know that you’re the actual definition of the term “Liberal Elite”. … which is naturally what you’d say anyway, and that no one can tell you otherwise. That’s why you have liberty of your mind and nature.  As in Inside Out, you likely also feel that the café of your mind is being held up by two contrasting ideals, neither of which you want anything to do with, and the only thing that you, I, we can think of is the maple bar of truth.  That “I’m right and you’re wrong”, repectfully. 


…  Now I can go about my day.  Watch out though, I’ll probably have more intelligent posts coming soon.

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