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8 October, 2008

Does anyone know how, if for whatever impossible reason the UN is given control of the US, they would effectively end religion?  ….  ….  How many religious people are there in the world?  ….  How would any organization cut off all people from being religious?  Under penalty of death?  … How many people do you think are going to just say “Ok, we’ll stop going to church.”?  Or how many churches will just say “Sorry, we’re closed.  We don’t want to die.  And we really don’t believe all this god(s) mumbo jumbo too.”

Logistically for the UN this isn’t a good move.  r0r0r0r!!! – (This is part of a discussion I’m having with a friend of mine.)

I’m incredibly interested in politics as of late because Barack is a badass and there’s no denying it.  Also, I feel that him being elected president immediately accomplishes his goal of change (or rather, the start to).  “listen” (that my BO impersonation), he’s black (change), he’s young and clean (change), he’s green (not taking away from the fact that he’s black)… he makes it seem immediately that anything is possible.  He’s positive, which is “what the American people need” (BO impersonation again) – which I think is the key to helping people to look up.  People are focused on war right now (even if they aren’t – they are because it effects them in every part of their day to day life, whether they like it or not).

In RE the debate yesterday, I was hoping he’d say one thing that I know isn’t really….  even on the open table.  … That I know of.  He was discussing programs for advancing science (essentially).  My thought was promoting of programs like the X-Prize.  More gets done faster and it costs less money.  Plain and simple.  Plus it’s something that occupies and educates (+ encourages education) by doing so.  It at least doubles the amount of people that take active participation and consideration in a field of science, but even more so – the future.

And that’s my Long Now push of the day.

[ 10:29AM and I’m listening to The Police “Zenyatta Mondata” ]

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