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7 October, 2008

I’m trying to narrow down instruments I like and would like to use in the case of accoustic performance.  Perhaps at some point I’d have a multi-person project that could play accoustic instruments.  Some of the instruments I’d like to use would be the … any of the orchestral strings; specifically the cello.  The marimba, nylon string guitar, something… like the talking drum or some organic sounding drum.  In fact, the whole idea is to be completely organic sounding.  Several strings (as demonstrated by Marvin Ayres and Adam Hurst) can create a wonderfully textured background, and I very much like that idea.

… still thinking.

UPDATE: We’re entering the Baroque period of music today (which I’ll be studying for in a moment).  1600-1750 – excellent time period.  Finally starting to move away from church music and into secular music.  John Dowland’s career has reached it’s peak around the beginning of this time, which I sort of view as a good signifier of an end of an era…. At the end of the period you have Bach and Handel, Vivaldi from earlier…  then you move into the next era and you have Beethoven, la Revolucion, Jefferson & 1776, Boston Teaparty.   …. you know.  The best of times.

[ 10:46AM listening to Lachrimae Pavan, P.15 (Nigel North plays the music  of John Dowland.  “Dowland’s Tears”)

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