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6 October, 2008


Ok.  So, that masterpiece (with doubts) that I wrote below is … pretty much worthless.  Seems the third paragraph and the subject are the only good things about it.  I’ve been instructed to rewrite the paper based on that paragraph.  uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

MATH:  I passed with a 74%.  That’s like… an ‘F’ for ‘Faux-passed’.  But… it’s good.  I was certain I didn’t pass.  Plus… I understand what I did wrong with … almost all of the questions.  .. most of them anyway.

I did take my music test today.  I’m certain I aced that.  I studied a bit before hand to make sure some of the things I didn’t know … I knew…

And now I’m off to work.  I’ve more to talk about, but it can wait.

It’s 12:17PM PST and I’m listening to “Poeme Electronique” by Edgard Varese from the absolutely must have album “An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Vol. 1” (out of…  4+ volumes).

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