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2 October, 2008

The key to being a good Elitist is being a good listener.  …  also, not showing outwardly that you actually think that what everyone else may be doing (not as a whole so much as on an individual basis) is absolutely stupid and tasteless.  I’ve also just sort of started talking about myself as an Elitist.  My beautiful other half (Sarah) is also an Elitist.  We see things in a similar way as other “Elitists”.  Which leads me to believe that “Elitist” may be more than a word or a stereotype (which we’re completely against being) and may actually be the definition of the root word “Elite”.  …  Which, is naturally what I’d say about that.

…I feel that talking about it so much actually diffuses the fact of what it is.  It takes me from being such to becoming just an ass (not to be confused with the Elitist quality of being an “asshole”).


My school is overrun with J-Girls.  I expect to see a peace sign and hear giggling every time I turn the corner.  … This fact both worries me and sort of turns me on.  … Cause J-Girls ki-hick a-hass.  …  Fumina Hara – hottest J-Girl of all time.  Hands down.

It’s 11:58AM and time of the Ambient Rotations of Lounging Sound.

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