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…still 1oct02008

1 October, 2008

Though, alas, the day is waning – I must stop to pay my respects to the day and what we did together.  We laughed, we cried, we frolicked on the hillside.  We made mud pies with the faeries and goblins and the forgotten creatures of the world.

“Think back Arthur!  Think back!”

… past the pretentious “I hate blogs.  They’re not real journalism.”; beyond the “I’m with Sting” slogan; Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt!!!!!  I’m going in the wrong direction.  I need to adjust speed to 88 miles per hour (as everyone knows, that’s the speed at which you reach the appropriate velocity to activate the flux capacitor and travel back in time (or forward through time)), set the time lines to next Thursday, 7:30AM.  And….

I’ve written a problem paper (we’re in the future, remember) entitled “Being an Elitist.  5 Reasons You’re Wrong” for my English class.  This paper will balance the required structure with some likely lame remarks about Sex, Politics, Anger, WalMart, and Bad Taste (a catagory which WalMart falls under but certainly focuses on music, design, and media).  The problem with this paper (besides the inevitable and completely viable threads… nay, tapestry of truth) is that it steps in time with this blog and the exact thing I wrote about.  Thus, as an Elitist, I am too a Defeatist.  But only this once.

… skipping, skipping…

In conclusion, I would like to apologize to myself in the past (technically “now”, though fictionally in the future, from the future) for going through the trouble of writing a paper as such.  … Kudos, however, on finishing your first blog entry.  …  Defeatist.

Now why don’t you go find some Faded Glories to put on and stop by the in-house McDonald’s in Wally’s World.

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